Central-European Translation Company
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Conditions of cooperation

Purchase order (PO)

It is crucial each job order to be accomplished by PO. PO should include the following attributes:

  • who orders: company details
  • person in charge (name, signature, function. contacts)
  • order details: file(s), format, deadline, agreed rate/price, specific conditions.

How to order

You can order via e-mail or ftp:

  • E-mails larger than 8-9 MB may not be received properly. Please split into several e-mails or use FTP. On request we can provide our FTP (100MB) or you can use www.yousendit.com.
  • E-mails sent not in our office hours (Mon-Fri - 8.30am-5.00pm CET) may by answered on the next working day only.